Emerald Connection, May 21, 2024

By: Jack and Max, reflecting on the river

 “The beauty of the Colorado plateau lies in its simplicity.” As I gaze up into the sky, which is the same ochre hue that colors the valley around us, I can’t help but wonder about the beauty of this place. What is the simplicity that creates this beauty? Perhaps, it’s the high, desert peaks that surround us, or maybe it’s the winding canyons, carved by the unwavering river flowing downstream. But I believe the greatest simplicity here is the lack of human contact. This place is so fresh, so raw… Now, sitting on the beach, knowing this is our last day together on the river, our spirits are so full of memories. Memories of me and my class. I can still hear the laughter echoing through the canyon. I can see the struggle and perseverance on my classmates’ faces paddling in the wind. And as we finish our camp chores in the shadow of the canyon, watching the sun warm the cool morning air, I can feel the energy and renewal that comes with being in the wilderness, next to the ceaseless sound of water, listening to the raw sounds of nature. As we all sit in a circle, learning about water rights, and singing silly songs, I know these will be memories for the rest of our lives.

Spring Bash

Thank you!

As a community we raised over $112,000 for tuition assistance. Thank you to everyone that attended the Spring Bash at Slopeside this spring and to all that participated in the auctions. Your support makes our school a better place!

Check out picture from the bash!

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