At the Heart of the Red Rock Desert

Mountain Connection: October 17, 2023

Another series of unforgettable adventures in Utah provided groups with unique opportunities for physical challenges, artistic inspiration, and a taste of the desert’s wild beauty. Situated in the heart of the red rock desert, our journey allowed students to experience mountain biking along classic Moab routes, including the White Rim in Canyonlands and Slickrock. They also rappelled into pools of unknown depth, engaged in challenging crack climbs and sandstone cliff scaling, and artists painted the breathtaking Moab landscapes, capturing the vibrant hues of the desert during sunrise and sunset. Among the Desert Week trips, the oldest one, canoeing, was filled with both mud and smiles this year.

Students and teachers once again discovered the enchanting Moab landscape, leaving us all with a profound appreciation for nature, a deeper connection to our physical abilities, and enhanced artistic expression.

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