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Every good story calls you to turn the page and our tale is no different. Our story begins with an American rancher and intrepid teacher. Our tale weaves through countries of unimaginable beauty, classrooms where students are inspired to learn about and solve dynamic problems, and the wilderness of the west.  The next chapter of Steamboat Mountain School stems from over 60 years of chronicles in independent, transformative education. We know you will want to be a part of what comes next.

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A successful Steamboat Mountain School experience is made possible by incredible and intentional protagonists: students, alumni, parents, trustees, and friends.

Your gift to the Steamboat Mountain School Annual Fund supports essential priorities of the Steamboat Mountain School experience, such as academic programs, technology, professional development, outdoor education, equipment, and more.  You and your support are the difference between a school that meets the standards our students deserve and one that exceeds them, ensuring an unparalleled academic and experiential education.

Alumni Updates

We asked you to share updates with us. Read on to see what your classmates are up to and add your own story.

Kaeli Nolte '09

"“Beyond the incredible traveling and outdoor pursuits that I will always hold as dear, many of my favorite memories revolve around the gathering times and spaces around school. Sitting with friends in the main building or enjoying the more individual company of fellow classmates in Margi’s office or the computer classroom; it was these moments, full of joy and learning through social engagement, that I remember most.”

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Parky May '63

Life in Nevada is good, and Parky is still working and enjoying it. After the cancelation of three major trips, Parky and his wife Christine did get away to Spain and Portugal this summer and in the late fall, they did an expedition to Antarctica, South Georgia, and the Falkland Islands. During the cruise they saw a complete solar eclipse at sea.

Torey Brooks '13

Torey is working as a structural engineer with a focus on sustainability at an AE firm in Portsmouth NH. In her free time, she spends most of her skiing, climbing, trail running, and remodeling the house she bought with her partner Steve last year. She is looking forward to traveling and pursuing another Master's in Architecture in the upcoming year.

Paige Eivins '15 & Erik Petersen '11 are engaged!

Paige is currently working as a medical assistant for the Dermatology Center of Steamboat Springs. She is studying and taking classes for the MCAT and plans on going to a post-bachelor program starting this summer and then onto medical school. Erik works remotely for a firm in Denver, valuing loans for banks and investors.

Annie Ochs '13, recently engaged to Travis Clark

Annie is currently working on her JD from DU in patent law and loving it. Picture: Travis, Annie, Brant Crossan '10 with Girlfriend, Magdalena in front of the Alum-inous Tree of Honor

Will Horner '11

Will is living with his partner Ella in Berkeley, CA, working on proteomics research. He's on track to finish his PhD in plant biology within the next academic year or so, and his partner will likely finish her physics PhD in the next couple of years. The current plan is to stick around the Bay Area a bit longer and work in biotechnology in the meantime, but eventually they'd love to come back to Colorado!

Noah Zedeck '16

"I still go back and visit the school every time I am in town, but I don’t go to see the students (because I am old now and do not know any of them). I go to see the teachers, who I consider my friends or, as Brian would say, my people."

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Michael DeGrandis '11 and Morgan DeGrandis '12

Michael and Morgan recently moved back to Steamboat to allow Morgan the opportunity to work with a pod of local elementary and middle school students as a private teacher. Morgan says that this new step in her teaching career was born out of the pandemic but is something that she is planning to continue. She loves the ability to work closely with all of her students and is modeling her structure after how we do it here at Steamboat Mountain School. She teaches academic classes in the morning and leads experiential activities in the afternoon (skiing, biking, rock climbing, etc.). Thankfully, Michael was able to continue his job as a database developer remotely and is enjoying spending afternoons helping out with SSWSC's Devo program. They both love being back in Steamboat and feel as though they enjoy all it has to offer as much if not a little more than they did in high school.

Tammi Reeve '99

"You really know how to teach and inspire in such a holistic and natural way. I tell people all the time how amazed I am by the school. My days at Whiteman, the really challenging ones, set me on my path for healing and wellness at such a young age!"

Colten Oleski '18

"I'll be graduating as a history and anthropology double major with an emphasis in public history. Program Council has been fun, I am the current director and am enjoying my work. With Covid hosting events has been difficult but we have found a way to work around it."

Ed Batchelder '65

Ed is retired and currently living in Omaha, Nebraska. He has five children who are all spread throughout the country. Skiing is still one of his favorite sports, but golf has definitely moved up in the rankings.

Ed Walker '74

Today, Ed enjoys golfing, skiing, and spending time with his nephew (Travis Walker ‘04) near Denver.

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Olivia Rudolph '14

"I feel that I've been successful at building close relationships with key decision-makers with my work in tech sales because of the relationship & communication skills I started to learn while at SMS. "

Kevin Allan '09

Kevin is working in Finance and Cryptocurrency. Loves the work so much it feels more like a hobby. Kevin has returned to the school to give short lectures for groups of students regarding his experience in securities. He remembers a story when his roommate was dumping his desk drawers into the garbage. Kevin saw an opportunity to acquire some nice pens, rulers, etc. Brian Smith, his dorm parent at the time, was asking him why he was digging through the garbage. Kevin replied "there's some good stuff in here"...and pulled out a dollar bill.

Jordan Gray '05

In 2021, Joradn worked more than 60 soccer games across the club, high school, college, and professional ranks in various positions. Highlights include being the referee for an NCAA D3 Men's tournament match, a Virginia High School Championship, and a Maryland High School Regional Final. In addition, he worked matches in the Big Ten, America East, Patriot League, and A-10 conferences. Jordan also works for the Professional Referee Organization, the group that employs and assigns referees to MLS matches, as the Referee Liaison for D.C. United home MLS matches.

Althea Ort '19

"I will be working as a research assistant on a meta-analysis studying the benefits, risks, and overall effectiveness of piñon-juniper tree removal treatments. Piñon-juniper removal has been in practice for the past half-century as a method to prevent wildfires and promote native plant and wildlife habitat. However, the effects of these treatments are currently unknown. This project aims to assist land managers in optimizing effectiveness of treatments, as well as to promote and guide more effective land management practices in the face of global climate change. I am currently applying for an Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) assistantship grant, and will begin data collection for the project starting this summer."

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