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The Upper School Modular Schedule, or the Mod, allows Steamboat Mountain School students to take on an education that more readily supports a variety of post-secondary pursuits. From Division 1 NCAA ski racing to entrepreneurship, our graduates go on to lead impactful lives. We believe our innovative scheduling gives students the flexibility to pursue their passions with greater intention. The eight-term modular schedule allows students to dig deep into their courses and learn from teachers who are experts in their fields. We understand that in order to prepare students to thrive in the future, education needs to look radically different than ever before. Utilizing cutting-edge research, the modular schedule provides the space and time for students to have the most powerful learning experience while balancing outside pursuits.

Individualized Schedules

That's 2,880 personalized schedules! No two pathways are the same.

The Modular Schedule will provide all of our students with expanded course offerings and increased instructional time throughout the year. Students have greater flexibility to choose when they want to take a heavier or lighter course load to make room for other commitments. 

2-3 classes a day, 90 minutes each!

In addition, students will have study halls, electives, community service and outdoor pursuits throughout the week.

Research shows that modular schedules support depth over breadth, allow for more hands-on learning, and help students retain content for longer. In our version of the modular schedule, students will take fewer classes at a time and the classes they take will meet more frequently.

Focused, not overwhelmed. A modular schedule allows each student to build their own pathway under the guidance of our expert faculty. SMS students go on to be happy, empathic, and passionate individuals and we know that this unique approach to scheduling is formative in their success.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Mod will uncouple our schedule from the SSWSC schedule and open up the possibility to have GS during any modular and not just in the Spring, providing all of our students with more flexibility and more classroom minutes throughout the year. Students will have the ability, to some degree, to choose when they want to take a heavier load versus when they need to ease up on their studies to focus on another commitment. A competitive skier will still be able to have a heavy schedule in the Fall and then lighten their course load in the Winter. On top of that, SSWSC athletes can personalize their schedules even more so within The Mod. For example, if a FIS skier needs to take two weeks off in the fall to go to Lithuania, then they can intentionally lighten their class load during that period. Ideally, each student will have a personalized plan that fits their needs.

With a modular schedule, students take fewer classes at a time than in a traditional school schedule, meaning that a student will be managing homework for fewer courses at one time. This schedule focuses studying and learning more vigourously in fewer areas at a time which can reduce the homework stress on students.

It’s important to remember that college admissions officers look at the end results: courses taken and grades to assess students, they do not look at the school’s schedule. Along with transcripts, SMS sends a school profile to colleges that provides an overview of our academic and co-curricular programs.


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