Empathy, Community, and Initiative

"Teachers are able to provide so much attention to students, and get to know them well outside of individual classes. While this is a benefit of the intimate class size, it’s also a testament to the passionate and experienced teachers." Alumnus, Class of 2014

When presented with challenges, our students both accept and offer support to strengthen their resilience and develop the confidence they need to take risks.


Our graduates appreciate differing viewpoints and are able to see the world through the eyes of others. They build positive relationships with peers and faculty based on mutual respect, honesty, and open-mindedness. They are ready to adapt to and influence their expanding communities as they grow older, empowering themselves and others. 


Our graduates lend kindness and compassion to their peers, understanding everyone as collaborative partners. They strive to transcend personal accomplishment in focusing their efforts on outcomes completed by groups. Whether performing, presenting, within classroom discourse or in town-hall meetings, they value their community as being larger than themselves.