Steamboat Mountain School cultivates the intellect and imagination of young minds, so that students grow their curiosity, discover their potential, contribute meaningfully to their community, and engage in a dynamic, global society .

~ Adopted by the Steamboat Mountain School Board of Trustees, January, 2022


Our students are:

Courageous in Action

When presented with challenges, our students both accept and offer support to strengthen their resilience and develop the confidence they need to take risks.

Vigorous in Learning

Our students find their voices by developing their independent thinking skills so that they can collaborate productively in an increasingly connected world.

Purposeful in Exploring

Our students bring the world into the classroom and the classroom into the world, stepping forward into global citizenship as they experience, appreciate, and engage with the world around them.

Our students learn:

The Power of Connectedness

Through their relationships within the school community and beyond, our students develop empathy based on mutual respect, honesty, and open-mindedness and demonstrate a sense of responsibility for the larger community.

The Impact of Wholeness

Our students embark on the two human journeys: inwards to explore self and outwards to engage with the world. By developing a deep understanding of who they are and who they are becoming, our students increase their meaningful impact on the world.

Our school believes in:

Thriving through Contrast

Our school intentionally embraces the dynamic equilibrium between contrasting principles by:

  • providing our students with challenge and offering them support
  • developing independent thought and encouraging collaboration
  • bringing the world into the classroom and bringing the classroom into the world
  • focusing on our school community and connecting with the global community
  • fostering self-awareness and inspiring broader impact