6th - 8th Grade

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The middle school years are unique and offer a time for students to gain greater independence and leadership as they develop a deeper understanding of who they are. The Steamboat Mountain School middle school curriculum fosters responsibility, empathy and initiative through more challenging academic work, increased leadership opportunities, and authentic connections with teachers and peers.

The Middle School program develops students’ capacity to think creatively and critically, while developing empathy, initiative, and community. By the time students enter the upper school, they are able to appreciate different viewpoints and see the world through the eyes of others. They build positive relationships with peers and faculty based on mutual respect, honesty, and open-mindedness. Students are asked to take responsibility for their learning by recognizing their own strengths and weaknesses as means to contribute to positive outcomes and learn from setbacks. As leaders on the Emerald campus, middle school students lend kindness and compassion to their peers. Whether performing, presenting, within classroom discourse or in town-hall meetings, they value their community as being larger than themselves.

The SMS Middle School Experience

We believe students deserve more their education and that our world is made better by empathetic, confident, and impactful individuals.

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