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Our Global Studies program is unique in that we do more than travel to a new country. We do so in a humble and responsible way—we immerse ourselves in the culture of the country we are visiting, we are giving back to the communities that are taking us in, and we are learning how we are all interconnected as a society. With upper school students who are with us all four years, our goal is for students to visit four countries on four continents, giving them a better understanding of our global connectedness. For four weeks in the spring, students will travel to countries where they will discover new cultures, new people, and themselves. Past trips have included trips where students tilled fields in Tanzania, painted schools in Cambodia, and helped out at an orphanage in Peru. The goal of these trips is to move students out of their comfort zones, to build on their self-reliance, and to learn how we can give back to our communities and the world.

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This year our students are traveling in Spain, Ecuador, and Costa Rica. We will be documenting their expeditions by sharing photos and trip updates on The Connection.

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