Integrated learning to challenge the ways in which students think and problem solve.

Every student participates in STEAM which integrates science, technology, engineering, art, and math into the classroom. This multidisciplinary approach provides our students with alternate vehicles of thinking and problem solving, broadens their knowledge and skill levels, and prepares them for handling a range of situations. STEAM recognizes the importance of STEM, while bringing in the ever important arts aspect of education. By adding this component into a student’s education, we are embracing a full-spectrum learning program which opens up minds to more critical and creative ways of thinking.

“At practically the onset of their enrollment at EMS, and on countless occasions over the years, our children have said what every parent dreams about hearing: we love school, we love our teachers. Thanks to the stellar educators at EMS, our kids have blossomed intellectually and emotionally while making lifelong friends and embedding themselves in the Steamboat community.”

~ Parent, 2030