Q & A With An Alum

Director of Development and Alumni, Brian Smith connected with Ed Walker '74 for a Q&A.

Brian Smith (BS): What is your favorite Steamboat Mountain School memory?

Ed Walker (EW): Many come to mind…to make a long story short, on Global Studies trip to Spain (’73), last leg of 10 day trip through Spain, Andorra, France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany (camping/many adventures along the way); our group of about 9, with Andy Dennison as our leader, planned to stay in Paris with the rest of school the last night prior to departing the next morning to Steamboat. Apparently, there was no extra room at the hotel, so in Dennison form, we improvised and camped out at the Notre-Dame, on the western point of the island in the middle of the Seine River in Paris. We survived the night and appreciated a much needed shower when finally home.

BS: What lasting impact has Steamboat Mountain School had on your life since you graduated?

EW: Always great memories, of people and unique experiences; foundation for further education/life opportunities, both personal, and professional.

BS: Give us an update! (family, career, location change, travels, anything you’d like to share).
Enjoying home near Roxborough Park, Colorado, playing golf, skiing, and taking advantage of the many recreation opportunities nearby. Good to spend time with nephews in Denver (Travis ’04). Currently managing business interests in the energy sector; charitable focus educational causes. Recently made a great trip to N. Carolina to visit family….some travel advice: try to avoid Chicago airport for connections!