What's the deal with boarding school?

Mountain Connection, September 24, 2021

We know that when people think of going to boarding school, there are loads of preconceived notions, but we know that the experience of a boarding student at Steamboat Mountain School is an opportunity to be independent without being alone. Our community is our strongest asset and as a boarder, the first thing you’ll notice is that the community is here for you. Being away from familiar support systems is hard; we see our students lean into their friendships in the dormitory which builds a support network for the ups and downs of life. More than anything, students are surrounded by other students who want to go on to college and to be pushed academically. Our students want to be successful and they work hard. We are first and foremost a college prep school and our boarding schedule doesn’t shy away from this mission. Students have access to small classes, 1:1 teacher conferences weekly, and a progressive curriculum.   

Beyond their peers, our residential faculty wear many hats. Our team of experienced residential faculty fill many roles in order to encourage students to push beyond their comfort zone and learn to take responsibility for themselves and their belongings. From laundry to honoring a strict honor code, students prepare for life within the assured boundaries of campus. Meanwhile residential faculty organize basketball games after study hall, night hikes and stargazing, weekend cooking classes, and more. 

As we see teens more anxious than ever, encouraging them and showing them how to take responsibility for themselves is critical. With over 60 years as a boarding school, we know the value of providing opportunities for independence during some of the most vulnerable years of their lives. Boarding schools provide a step before college to try the higher level math class, get on a mountain bike, and embark on a challenge surrounded by people who care.