Director's Cut

Emerald Connection, November 29th, 2022

Thank you for sharing your children with us.  Your children are of immeasurable value to you and I appreciate that you have entrusted us to partner with you in educating and raising them.  As your partner, we know that you have high expectations for us just as we have high expectations of ourselves.  We are constantly reflecting on how your children are doing and the job we are doing in supporting them and you.

We are busy re-engaging with your children, with you, and with each other.  In the next few weeks, we are planning units of study that will engage your children and continue to build on the work they have done so far.  In music, the grade 3 and 4 students are preparing to visit Casey’s Pond next week to play for the residents while also working to finalize their pieces for our winter strings concert on December 16.  We hope you will be able to join us for either or both.  Beyond the classroom, our students have been leading our Friday all school meetings throughout the year.  This week, our grade 6 students will lead their last meeting and then the grade 5 students will be able to take over the mantle as we close out the calendar year.  You are always welcome to join our Friday meetings at 11:30.  This week, our parent council meets at 8 am for our monthly meeting.  All are welcome to help us consider how we can best support each other and the children.  Our faculty are hard at work both teaching on a daily basis, reflecting on where we have been, and planning for where they are going.  Our teachers spent the day yesterday continuing to work through our self-study for our reaccreditation process and brainstorming how to continue to improve on what we do well.  It was really nice to have our full faculty together to share ideas and experiences.

I am grateful to have had a week off with my family.  It was nice to see Steamboat and our school through their eyes.  We live in a place of remarkable beauty and get to be a part of a very special school community.  And though a week off was really nice, it is also great to come back to our campus to welcome you, your children, and our faculty back.

Hoping you had a fruitful holiday week and I look forward to the next few weeks together before our next break.

Take care of yourself and others,

Greg Friedman
K-8 Director