Tech Team is unstoppable!

Mountain Connection, November 29th, 2022

By: Trenia Sanford

You can’t stop the Steamboat Mountain School Tech Team. Projection equipment is necessary to the way we teach on both campuses. These days they’re difficult to procure with supply chain issues, which was making it hard to bring in virtual guest speakers on the Emerald Campus.  A working projector was urgently needed to support professional development for K-12 faculty and staff the day after break. A quick response had to happen. This year’s Tech Team –  Eva Reynolds and Ian McLarney, joined by Ben Heffel from last year’s class were all willing to join me during the first day of break to install the Fellowship Hall projector at Emerald. 

Tech students have experienced plenty of work-around moments. It’s exasperating, but sometimes, isn’t responding to challenging circumstances a worthwhile skill to learn in today’s world? Setbacks provide opportunities to plan around obstacles and use what you have. Adaptability and resiliency are part of what we’re studying in Agile Development methodology.  

Installing projectors allowed the tech team to test knowledge in areas we’ve been studying in class. The job required us to try the replacement projector, making sure it would solve all the potential use cases. We then needed to hang it without putting too many holes in the ceiling. Anything that involves devices, drills and ladders is okay with Ian. And he was game even though he just got his arm out of a sling. Eva is open to any tech-related challenge, especially if it makes a difference to users. She loves to see how her work positively impacts those around her. Then there’s Ben, who wouldn’t miss such an event for the world. He developed an addiction to using his tech know-how to make a difference on both campuses last year. 

The Team knew that there had already been multiple frustrating sessions in the last few months to try and make the old Emerald projector function interactively in a video presentation. In the end, it was too old and beyond repair. Luckily, there are answers for frustration. Satisfaction for a job well done, right? Well, yes. There was that moment when it all came together and that was pretty cool to experience with them. We solved the problem. The old projector will be recycled, but there are rumors that this won’t happen until it meets the lethal end of a baseball bat. 

That way we can see what’s inside, right? In the interest of education! No worries, we’ll use a tarp to make sure we don’t scatter the pieces.

Ultimately, there is a working projector which can support an external sound bar in the Fellowship Hall. Education happened with much laughter and a few work-arounds that were unexpected. Adaptability and ingenuity were employed.  Students got to use their new knowledge and skills along with teamwork to make it happen. It was a good day and a nice way to start the Thanksgiving break. As we packed up our equipment and tools, I beamed with pride and gratitude, appreciative of the students’ willingness to offer their expertise time and energy during their vacation.When I asked if everyone learned something, Eva’s response was pretty classic, “I had a blast.” 

Thanks Tech Team!

The Connection