Spain Global Studies

April 22, 2022

Trip Update

April 22, 2022

The Trek de Ordiales in Pico de Europa National Park was strenuous but beautiful (see handstand pictures below). The next few days were spent exploring “el camino,” the famous pilgrimage across northern Spain, and trekking through the national park. Their time in Asturias culminated with a few days working and playing at the Casa Rural al Valleja, an incredibly beautiful and traditional lodge nestled into mountains. On Tuesday the group left the rural countryside for the urban heart of Spain, Madrid. Their first night in Madrid, the group was able to enjoy Spain’s national pastime, futbol, at an Atletico Madrid game! While in Madrid, they also visited the Valley of the Fallen, a Catholic basilica which prompted discussion on Spain’s turbulent political history and its continued legacy in modern Spain. And of course, no trip to Madrid would be complete without enjoying all of the amazing tapas, history, and art that this amazing European capital has to offer! The group departs Madrid for the southern region of Andalucia today, and we can’t wait to hear more about their adventures through the landscapes of the Moors and the snowy peaks of the Sierra Nevadas over the next few days!

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