Costa Rica Global Studies

April 22, 2022

Trip Update

April 22, 2022

We left off our last update in San Luis with students exploring the Cloud Forest, touring the coffee plantation, and performing trail work in Monteverde. The students have worked hard each day during their time in Monteverde on various projects in the community, especially trailwork! They have balanced their hard work with play, learning about the flora and fauna of Costa Rica’s incredible cloud forest and even participating in some group yoga and zumba! 

On Sunday the students hiked a full day on the very trail system they have helped to build, el Sendero Pacifico, from San Luis to Veracruz where they stayed in the community center for the night. As we have expected with the remoteness of the Costa Rica trip, we have received just a few pictures and quick updates from the leaders. We are anticipating more connectivity in the following weeks with more details of their treks. Erin Davis let us know that the students are enjoying the rural areas they are staying in but that it can be taxing as students (and teachers) are typically so connected and so busy. The slower pace to life is another aspect of the cultural immersion our students experience. 

Student Journal Entry:

“The Continental Divide”

The mountain range and hills went on and on and were so full of green. Every tree was different and life extended outwards in every direction. We could see all the way to the distant coast full of mist. The top of the forest was covered in clouds and the memories of the cloud forest. I felt like I was standing in the middle of something alive, full of life diversity and it was so inspiring to think that this community who were dairy farmers had the capacity to create change and turn deforested pastures into a beautiful, green vibrant forest.  And that each individual member of this community cared so much about it. 


“The Building”

The moment when he explained that the bottles in the wall were indeed glass, and represented the color gradient of a tree, from roots to the leaves, had me hooked! The space felt freeing and full of love, hope, and intention. A collaborative effort, a dream of a better world.

Student Shoutouts:

Hi Mom and Dad, 

I love and miss you both very much. I’ve been thinking of you and am having a great trip. I hope Nana and Papa are doing well. Please water my plants.

Love, Natalia

Hey Mom and Dad and Buffy!

I’m having an amazing time and learning a lot! Please tell Buffy I miss her and I’ll have her in my thoughts while she’s at doggy day care (also a belly rub!). I love you and I have a lot to share when I get home! 


Hi Mom and Dad,

Miss you say hi to brothers for me, I miss you all!


Sup Meg and Fos. Hope the wedding is fun. Miss you bye! 


Hi parental units!

Please tell Henley and the piggies hi for me. Love you guys and miss you lots but so far so good! Hope you guys are doing well! 

Lots of love, Aidan

Hi Mom and Dad,

I’m alive! Tell Holly I said hi! Margi, the trees are awesome here!

Will Sorrentino

Hey Mom and Dad,

It’s amazing here, I’m so mad I forgot a camera!


Hi Mom, Dad, Stell, and River!

I’m having a blast down here and I miss and love y’all so much. Tell Sawyer I miss and love him too!


Ahos mami a tati,

I hope Honza managed the admission test well, tell him I said hello. 

Love, Katie

Hey Buddy!

It’s pretty late here so I’ll keep this short. I love you so much, and I can’t wait to divulge all the stuff I’ve done/ experienced. Tell mom, dad, and that old guy who lives in our basement I love them!

Best, Jake

Hey Mom and Dad, 

Love you guys lots, also tell Jaku happy Birthday for me!


Ahos mami a tati,

I hope Honza managed the admission test well, tell him I said hello. 

Love, Katie

Hello Parents, love you guys!

Also Grace, say hello to my bird for me!

Love you, Sam

Hey Mom!

I’m having a great round 3 in Costa Rica with the boys! The place where we are staying is super cool too, it’s right in the middle of the jungle. IF you have photos show Will and Sarah, tell Will I’m having a great time and I miss y’all! Happy birthday too, BIG 49! One more year until 18150. 

Will K

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