Emerald Connection

Monday, September 6th, 2021

 Following a one-year hiatus, SMS was delighted to close out August and return to relative normalcy by opening the school year with the long-standing tradition of the K-8 camp trip. This fall, we ventured up to Steamboat Lake to partake of the beautiful acreage and amazing vistas surrounding the Fetcher barn, an opportunity made possible by the generosity of the Fetcher Family and the assisting coordination of the Rothers, who live in the area. Wednesday kicked off with camp set-up near the shoreline south of the iconic barn, and then we all met up as a whole school for intros, games, and lunch. This year, the lower and middle schools consist of 82 students, and the total camp boasted over 160 people including faculty and staff. As always, the event provided a great opportunity for new students and parents to meet returning families, for the students in every grade to interact with one another, and for all of us to feel, once more, like a whole community. During the afternoon, students in mixed grade levels went through a circuit of ‘adventure games’ hosted by faculty around the ranch, while Samantha met with the parents for ice-breakers and lots of laughs. On day two, faculty led individual class cohorts on nearby hikes within North Routt; primary school parents went along with their kids, and middle school parents went to Strawberry Hot Springs. Nearly everyone found their way to the Clark Store in the afternoon, and, although the ice cream stand was closed, we managed to clean them out of most of their frozen treat inventory. Each night included groups of students and parents hanging out together in various tents, singing and telling tales while ignoring thunderstorms and gusty winds. The trip was a wonderful commencement to the year, exhibiting the joy and communal bonding that makes SMS unique.