TechTeam Students help with Comcast Phone System Install

Mountain Connection, November 11, 2021

IT Explorations “Tech Team” students recently got some real world tech experience at the upper school. In order to pave the way for the new Comcast VoIP phones, each office location had to be prepared with some network technology updates. Students used their new knowledge and skills to install network devices and cabling with an eye toward improving each staff or faculty member’s office ergonomics. “It was so much fun,” Eliana Brown said, “I didn’t know I could do something like that.” Lainey Heartz reported from the Front Desk, “Ben was very helpful and knew exactly what needed to be done. The installation was handled very efficiently!”

The project had its share of bumps. Comcast had a technical issue which forced the install to happen much faster than planned. Tech teacher Trenia Sanford said, “If it wasn’t for Tech Team, we couldn’t have pulled it off so quickly. I wouldn’t want to have a situation like that ever again, but it really was a great opportunity for the students. They were barely ready with what they had learned, but they adapted, overcame the obstacles and did an awesome job.”

Tech Team students which include Josie Angell ’22, Eliana Brown ’22, Ben Heffel ’24, Mira Kearns ’22, Nate Montgomery ’24, Peri O’Connell ’22 and Mustafa Suleymanov ’23 will work within the school on technical projects for the rest of the year. Their “clients”, teachers, staff and students can request their services at any time through the tech office, “We brought this class back this year,” Trenia said. “It ran at the upper school from 2003 – 2009 and made a big difference in how technology was supported. Kids are innovative, and the energy they provide is really amazing. Students finish the class with enough skills to consult on their own. A lot of them found it to be a really good part-time job through college and a good entry into the field.”