Emerald Connection, February 6, 2024

By: Matt Clark

What is the concept of Non-fiction to a kindergartener? How does a kindergartener begin to understand and explore the intricacies of the real world that surrounds them? Enter the world of The Blue Penguins, our vibrant Kindergarten class that has delved into the fascinating mysteries of the ocean!

Embarking on this underwater journey, the focus of our exploration is on animal life, ocean zones, geography, habitat, and the human impact on our oceans. Throughout this unit, the students are encouraged to select an animal of their choice to research and create their very own personalized research books. The culmination of this exciting project will see the students proudly presenting their findings to the entire school during an upcoming ASM (All-School Meeting).

Our adventure has already unfolded as we’ve learned about the diverse array of ocean animals. Additionally, we are beginning to unravel the complex topic of human impact on the ocean. The excitement among the Blue Penguins as they prepare to dive deeper into this underwater expedition is infectious!

In a world so unlike the one we live in, it is essential to engage students in curiosity and wonder. Understanding our impact, even at a young age, can set students on the right path for taking care of our earth and those in it. Through this PBL unit, I have found that an effective and fun way to engage the K-class involves following their curiosity with topics that naturally spark their interests. Allowing these young kiddos to run wild with their imagination and select their own project topic is an easy way to keep their brains moving.

Now accepting applications for the 24-25 school year!

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