Mountain Connection, April 2, 2024

By: Jed Donnel

Last week, SMS hosted the first annual Student Art Show. A jubilant crowd of several dozen students and parents gathered in the Craig Scheckman Student Education Center, which had been recently converted into a gallery space. Following mingling and perusals, Lainey Heartz quieted the general din to offer her official welcome and relay due congratulations for the logistical work accomplished by the artists.

Student curators for 2-D and 3-D works then each presented their own formal remarks regarding the major design processes and themes of the art on hand. In fact, the students were really responsible for the whole evening, including curation, exact arrangement of the artwork, food and drink, and the orchestration of a judgment process that turned out to be a three-pronged structure: for two of the prongs, the entire show was split in half between blue and white-numbered circles, and the crowd cast their votes for either blue or white works based on differing criteria.

The third prong involved a raffle of various prizes, which was tangential to the work and offered greater incentive for the crowd to stay longer, enjoy the general company, and perhaps walk away with a waffle maker. The students’ efforts, whether as artists or organizers, certainly paid off as the general ambience was warm and engaging, which led to the crowd’s appreciative consideration of interesting artworks across various mediums. On the whole, the evening was a fitting tribute to the students’ yearlong creative efforts.


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