Spirit Week!

Mountain Connection: October 3rd, 2023

By: Jed Donnel

The first of several Spirit Weeks—monthly, perhaps? Sure, why not? — took place last week to much fanfare. As the leaves change, so too do many student perspectives amid realizations of materializing due dates, actual grades, details of major assessments, and even the nearness of the midterm for the first trimester (already!). What better way, therefore, to fend off both complacency and malaise than a week of costumes, candy prizes, and mild competition? It was something like a five-day Halloween primer, spanning “America Monday,” “Adam Sandler Tuesday” (use your imagination), “Western Wednesday,” “Barbie and Ken Thursday” (mostly stemming from the movie), and capped off with “Grade-Level (faculty were included too) Color War Friday.” Winners per category were determined by the prefects, who awarded candy and good cheer. And, although some students briefly expressed mild outrage and suspicions of a conspiracy when the seniors won on Friday, in general, a good time was obviously had by all.

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