2022 Upper School Student Awards

The Connection, May 27, 2022

Departmental Awards: Students to be chosen by the faculty of Steamboat Mountain School academic departments on the basis of effort, attitude and performance. 

Spanish Award: Eliza Bodden ’22

Chinese Award: Axton Juneau ’23

English Award: Eliana Brown ’22

Mathematics Award: Carly Simmons ’22

Life Science Award: Carly Simmons ’22

Physical Science Award: John Ostrogni ’24

Visual Arts Award: Presley Hofland ’22

History Award: Xander Tater-Brown ’22

Geography Award: Sam Carpenter ’24

Technology Award: Ben Heffel ’24


Global Studies Award: Presley Hofland ’22
To a student who embraces the GS trip experience, respects the culture, and enjoys the freedom associated with a curious mind. The recipient is a traveler who is helpful and cooperative and whose positive attitude enriches the journey for self and others. 


Residential Student Award: Megan Faherty ’22
To the student who exemplifies the qualities that the residential staff work to instill in all residential students: self- responsibility, respect for self and others, and active participation in the school community. 


A Friend to All: Buntaro Yoshida ’22
Awarded to a student who, in the eyes of the faculty and staff of the school, best exemplifies the qualities of friendship. 


Academic Dean Award: Catcher Weynand ’22
To the student who has improved the most academically over the course of the school year or their school career. 


Outdoor Award: Will Sorrentino ’24
To a student who embraces the learning opportunities provided in the Outdoor Program and exhibits advancement in hard skills, leadership, Leave No Trace practices, and who has a passion for being challenged in the wilderness.  


“True to Self Award”: Nate Montgomery ’24
To a student who walks to their own beat, does it responsibly, with integrity and pride, and remains open to and accepting of all other people’s sense of self.  


Competitive Winter Athlete Award: Charlie Welch ’23
To an athlete who has taken great advantage of the opportunity offered by Steamboat Mountain School and SSWSC to balance their goals for academic excellence with their desire to train and ski/ride competitively


Stewardship Award: Ben Heffel ’24
This award goes to the 9th – 11th grader who, in the eyes of the faculty and staff, dedicates extraordinary time and energy to the school community. This student seeks both big and small opportunities to impact the community positively not out of obligation but from a desire to serve others.

    • Boettcher Scholarship: Tinsley Wilkinson ’22
    • Boettcher Teacher Recognition Award: Gina Wither
    • Linville Memorial Scholarship: Axton Juneau ’23
    • Piper Reed Memorial Scholarship:  Mollie McTigue ’24
    • Steamboat Springs Board of Realtors Scholarship: Eliana Brown ’22
    • Steamboat Springs Volunteer Fireman’s Dave Linner Memorial Scholarship: Tinsley Wilkinson ’22
    • Colorado School of Mines: Charlie Welch ’23
    • CU Outstanding Junior:  Ian Haupt ’23
    • Rotary Scholarship: Tinsley Wilkinson ’22

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