Exquisite Cuisine & Pleasant Conversation!

Mountain Connection, October 3, 2022

By: Jed Donnel

One seeking a beau monde combination of exquisite cuisine and pleasant conversation need look no further than Community Dinner, which is rapidly becoming one of my favorite SMS traditions. Held weekly on Tuesday evenings, the event affords its attendees the opportunity to practice the timeless art of social etiquette while consuming some of the best food in the surrounding area. Last week, for example, we enjoyed pleasant discourse and grilled crudités at our assigned tables for the first course. Then, Chefs Andy Barnes and Asst. Chef Olivia Spence presented an overview of the evening’s main course: beef and vegetable empanadas, an Argentine specialty, accompanied by fried plantains and carrot ginger sauce, rice and red beans, corn on the cob, fresh greens and homemade salsas (yes, plural). Last but certainly not least, we rounded out the savory main with a sweet dessert course of coconut apple cake. Tres bon! En effet, ce repas était excellent, monsieur. The expected dress at Community Dinner is semi-formal, and while I readily understand that the term is highly flexible in Steamboat, I have been impressed that our students hold it in sophisticated taste; any given week, you’re likely to espy sport jackets, dresses, and even a few ties in the dining hall. Moreover, to assist in conversation methods, the senior prefects take turns hosting each dinner and provide topics to discuss, such as our most memorable Halloween costumes and plans for this year’s festivities, as was the subject last week. On the whole, it’s a wonderful experience with real-world social and educational value. Plus, each meal is outstanding; past entrees have included seared ahi and duck carnitas. On average, every boarding student on campus attends the event, along with faculty (those who live off campus or wish to bring a guest must RSVP). And, as befitting the name, each Community Dinner is open to the Steamboat public. But, be sure to plan ahead: these days, the boarders and faculty fill up most of the space in the dining hall, so spots available are limited. Contact Eben Kopp for reservations.

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