Emerald Campus Does Halloween

For Halloween this year, the lower and middle school merged the wonderful Trunk-or-Treat Parade (created by the Parent Council during the pandemic last year) with some older, indoor traditions. Students of every grade level toured campus to see individual projects in others’ classrooms, including the highlight of escape rooms in the STEAM lab. This year, the 5-6 built one half of the lab into a series of old-west-themed puzzles for the 7-8 to solve, which included three sections of a fictitious train robbery within a hallway, library, and vault. In turn, the 7-8 sculpted the other half of the lab to resemble a precious gem mine, which they layered with puzzles for the 5-6 to solve. Both projects covered eleven days of brainstorming, prototypes, rethinking, revising, and lots of hands-on labor before their successful launching on Friday. As Shea noted, “It was well thought-out, with a lot of red herrings. We knew almost enough about the Mexican-American War to sort of figure out the 5-6 clues, and we needed to work together to find the solution.” Much fun was had by all.