The Connection, February 13, 2024

What an incredible weekend it was! Witnessing our Steamboat Springs community once again unite to celebrate winter was truly magical. Steamboat Springs residents’ passion for outdoor activities, friendly competition, and of course, snow, is alive and well. From skijouring events to fireworks displays, it’s evident that the penguins of Steamboat Mountain School play a multitude of roles throughout the festivities. However, on Sunday, we joined forces as a cohesive team on Lincoln Ave for the 111th Winter Carnival Parade. Our theme, “S’now Place Like Home,” was demonstrated through the vibrant colors and lively renditions of Wizard of Oz songs! A heartfelt thank you to Trenia and Audrey for their dedication in coordinating costumes, diamond hitches, and sleighs – your efforts truly made the event unforgettable!

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