Technological Sustainable Future

Mountain Connection, May 23, 2022

The IT Explorations class recently visited Yampa Valley Sustainability Council (YVSC) to recycle electronics. Landfills will not accept electronics due to the possibility of leaking toxic contaminants, sparking fires, or causing other hazardous conditions. Anything that has a battery or plugs in can be recycled at YVSC!  From old vacuums and computers to Christmas lights. Seniors Eliana and Mira helped their teacher Trenia Sanford set up a program to get this underway. You’ll find a Tech Recycling bin on both the Mountain and Emerald campus in the care of either Trenia or Josh.  Students and teachers can bring their old items in to be weighed for a possible small fee. The hope is we can spread the word about the program.

The tech class went to the depot in May ‘22 to learn how the products are sorted, ex. electronics (lithium vs. alkaline batteries, TVs, monitors, light bulbs, computers, printers, phones, battery-operated or electric toys and tools. Traditionally, the YVSC did annual drop-offs in the past  In 2019 they recycled 65 tons of material. Now, there are 3 day a week drop-offs on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 12 to 4 pm. Help build a more sustainable Steamboat Springs community by learning how to recycle your used electronics properly. The Tech Team is always ready to help answer your questions and tasks. 

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