Boarding School Experience and Dorm Life

Steamboat Mountain School’s boarding experience is part learning to thrive independent of one’s parents and part pizza nights, video games, skiing out the back door, and close friends just a door away. 

Since 1957, Steamboat Mountain School has offered a comprehensive boarding school experience. We create and maintain a community far beyond the reaches of our Rocky Mountain campus. Our residential faculty facilitate personal growth and develop significant life skills, from laundry to conflict resolution. The program proactively builds upon the school’s core values with the goal that all boarding students independently learn to manage their academic, physical, and social time, learn to live with respect, understanding, and tolerance of others. They develop a resilient character, preparing them to lead capably and confidently as life’s journey unfolds.

Check out a virtual tour of the girls’ dorm!

Check out a virtual tour of the boys’ dorm!