who we are

Emily Craig


“Steamboat Mountain School has helped me not just reach for academic goals, but athletic goals too. They accommodate my busy ski schedule while also helping me maintain the grades that I want. I certainly have a great support system here at this school, and it has made a huge difference in my life.”

Current Student | Class of 2020

Ryan Coe


“I’m working on the Revenue Product team at Snapchat. This means I help them develop a strategy, identify KPIs, and measure the impact on their business that their Snapchat ads drive. Everyone probably says this, but [Steamboat Mountain School taught me] the importance of getting outside into the wilderness and leaving behind technology for a few days. My friends and I have continued this by backpacking in Iceland, Canada, Morocco, New Zealand, and various other places since graduation.”

Alumni | Class of 2008

Current parent


“After one year at Steamboat Mountain School our daughter is grown up and more self-confident. She is more grateful and values spending time with her friends and family. Without the staff’s support my daughter could not have matured so quickly. All of her experiences at the school and on her Global Studies trip to Ecuador have allowed her to change her perspective in positive ways about herself and her surroundings. My husband and I are so grateful about everything she had last year and will have this year.”

Parent | Student in the class of 2020

Profesora Kinshella


“I love working with the kids in the classroom and in the field because I get to see different sides of who they are– it’s very enlightening. Sometimes, a student who is having difficulty in my class will shine in our outdoor program, or vice versa. Ultimately, getting the opportunity to observe students’ strengths and areas of improvement in varying aspects of their life helps me to better understand who they are, how they can benefit our community, and how our community can benefit them.”

Faculty | Spanish Faculty and Girls’ Residential Head