Service is an active expression of valuing our common humanity, our diversity, and the natural world. Social and environmental responsibility instills in students a sense of integrity and responsibility that results in choices and actions that have a positive effect on society and the environment. Steamboat Mountain School believes that service aids in the development of a capacity for compassionate behavior that can transform a students’ life.

We start our school year by participating in several forms of community service that continue throughout the year. The school year begins with a full day of service work during which the students and teachers give of their time and talent. We then lead the students out into the wilderness for Orientation Camping Trip and ask that they respect the earth and become stewards of protected lands that they have inherited. Upon return to school, students participate in daily service in order to support campus by way of basic cleaning and upkeep. Every morning, students meet with their advisor and spend ten minutes before classes performing a job or task, such as vacuuming Williams Lodge, cleaning the gym, working on landscaping projects, or shoveling pathways during the winter months. Other on-campus service includes serving at our Community Dinners, assisting with all school clean ups, helping with dining hall responsibilities after dinner, and completing residential hall duties nightly to keep the common areas and specific dorm rooms clean and tidy. We also instill a sense of place in our students, asking them to respect their community and those around us. We believe that the students gain respect for their community when they are asked to care for it.

On Thursday afternoons, students participate in local service projects, working with organizations such as Lift Up, Yampatika, Perry Mansfield, Carpenter Ranch, or the Steamboat Boys & Girls Club. Both the Steamboat Winter Sports Club athletes and the Global Immersion Studies participants continue to give of their time and talents by participating in projects offered by the various programs in which they are involved.