Since 1957 our school has challenged the intellects and imaginations of its students to help lead productive, creative and responsible lives in a dynamic, global society.


Whether you graduated from Lowell’s Whiteman’s Ranch, Whiteman School, Lowell Whiteman School, or Steamboat Mountain School, it is a place that provides a life-changing spark, an experience that sets our alumni off and running to all corners of the globe. Though your days on County Road 36 may have ended, your experience is a journey that lasts a lifetime.


Here in the alumni office, our job is to keep you connected to that spark and to find out where it takes you – whether it’s founding an innovative business, pursuing higher education, training for the next Olympics, volunteering at home or abroad, working on Wall Street, or building bridges across cultures. Deeply ingrained in you are the authentic personal connections and experiences that all of our alumni take with them. You are part of an extraordinary community.


You are part of an extraordinary community.

Stay Involved…it’s as simple as A, B, C, D

A: Ambassador. Be an Ambassador for the school! Spread the word about the outstanding education (in and out of the classroom) you received here.


B: Be back and Be in touch. Come Back! Come to visit us. Come back for lunch. Come back for reunions. We always love seeing you. Keep us updated on what is happening in your life!


C: Connected. Stay Connected! Help us keep your information up to date so we can keep in touch with you!


D: Donate. Please donate to our annual fund (and anytime you feel moved to do so)! The amount you donate doesn’t matter, but the percentage of alumni who donate really does!