Shelby Dyer ‘11 and Anna Marno ‘10 recently embarked on an expedition that challenged their skiing abilities and consequently grew their love for the sport. They documented the trip in their soon to be released documentary, “Latitude”. 

 The film explores the journey of Shelby and Anna who were joined by Brittney Ziebell and Jessica Baker to sail the arctic fjords and then ski the ice-capped peaks of Norway. The goal of the adventure was to explore the idea of pushing their limits after they retired from a career in competitive sport. It is in this way, they embody “boundless”. As Steamboat Mountain School students Shelby and Anna competed with the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club. Shelby was a freestyle skier and Anna raced alpine. After her time with the club, Anna had an impressive 8-years skiing career on the World Cup circuit.


Brittney elaborates on the landscape of their adventure:

When you’re not in avalanche terrain, you’re in polar bear territory. Should a bear catch your scent from miles away, it would quickly follow the scent towards you. Plot twist: familiar, firm ground actually wasn’t safe. So, we’d hustle our way up above glacial moraines until we were a safe distance from the shoreline to then immediately switch mental gears and assess the snowpack. I can still hear the sounds of our scraping crampons, the Arctic Auks circling the cliff bands above, and the occasional rumble of calving glaciers below. The air was heavy and humid. It whistled across the glacier just like in the movies about the North Pole and played tricks on the eyes with bursts of white movement.  Everything was so raw and untouched. Maps of the region hadn’t been updated in years. According to our GPS, our boat was anchored on a glacier, but global warming impacts the landscape faster than maps are updated.

Photo Credit: Wes Walker

Beyond the Classroom

We asked Anna about how her time at Steamboat Mountain School fostered her skiing career:

Being a student at Steamboat Mountain School made it possible to pursue a career as a professional skier while maintaining a healthy balance with education. But more than that, having teachers, mentors, peers, and a community that encouraged me to chase my passion and reach my goals allowed me to go into the world with confidence. Not only did Steamboat Mountain School give me the tools I needed to but it gave the support that made it possible to face challenges in and out of the classroom.

Photo Credit: Wes Walker

Stay Playful

As a student-athlete, “She was RAD!” said Mrs. Wither, Anna’s former biology teacher. Based on the trailer for Latitude, we are not surprised by this character reference. Mrs. Wither also commented that “She kept her playful spirit even with a heavy workload of school, training, and racing. That attitude shines through still today in her work.” The full-length film is set to release on February 16th, 2020. Until then, check out the trailer and help us to continue to support Shelby and Anna.

Photo Credit: Wes Walker

Photo Credit: Wes Walker