Travel, Immerse, Learn, Expand

Global Studies Revealed!

Each year our students and faculty spend one month in another country.  Four years, four continents, four countries. Global Studies with Steamboat Mountain school is unique from other travel programs because of the amount of study and preparation that students put into the trips leading up to their immersive experiences around the world. 

Travel, Immerse, Learn, Expand. 


A new layer of Global Studies this year keeps our mission in the forefront of our trips. Reminding students and leaders that, per Andrew Zimmer’s words, the goal of travel is to, “Try new things, meet the people, immerse in the culture and look beyond what’s right in front of you. Learn from your experience and expand your awareness. These are the keys to understanding this amazing world we live in.” T.I.L.E. will spark the students to bring back to sights, colors, feelings of their travels to campus in the form of a literal tile which will be a collage of global experiences. 


So, where are they headed this year?

Nepal with Mr. Findell and Ms. Spangler

Spain + Morocco with Mrs. Wither and Mr. Hopsicker

Tanzania with Margi and Mr. Lea

We asked Mrs. Wither why the extended preparation is invaluable to our students’ global studies.  

“We look at many aspects of travel during the weeks leading up to GS but I try to prepare the students for the discomfort they might experience in the new country. I want them to focus less on moments of “this food is different” and instead open them to enjoying the experience of the difference. Different toilets, different food, different homes – these things can distract from the positive growth that comes from newness. I look forward to supporting students through moments of cultural shock or difference so they can come to a place of celebrating and embracing the unfamiliar, finding joy and adventure in dissimilarity.”

Stay tuned for more Global Studies updates.