GS Destinations Speculations

By: Tinsley Wilkinson ’22

Global Studies trips may seem as though they are in the distant future, but Margi has already begun planning and preparation. Around this time, students become curious and excited. GS groups and destinations will be announced during parents weekend, on October 25. As this date approaches, students can’t help but ask themselves: “Where will we go this year?” The Penguin Press tries to answer that very question with our own speculations. 

One potential first-year trip is to a country in South America. Last year, Ecuador was a perfect introduction to GS. What’s more, sometimes the school does a trip for a few years in a row, so it would make sense to go back to Ecuador. 

For the sophomore-junior trip, some students think Asia and Europe are both likely. The school attempts to have everyone go to at least 4 different continents during their time at SMS, so the trip for second and third-year students will most likely not be to South America. Last year the members of the sophomore and junior class went to Europe and Africa, but the school is due for a trip to Asia, so that must be in the running as well. 

Finally, it is possible that the seniors and some juniors will be together this year on a trip to Africa. Many students have Africa on their bucket list, and for this reason, it can be a very fulfilling and challenging senior trip. 

Many GS students have, in the back of their minds, a place where they hope to travel. However, be warned: there is really no telling where the groups will end up. It is always a surprise! Remember, wherever the path may lead you for this expedition, it will be an amazing experience no matter what.