Go With Life: Waylynn Lucas ‘98, Commencement Speaker

This year we were graced by the words and wisdom of Waylynn Lucas ’98. Today she is an award-winning pastry chef and a judge on the Food Network series Cake Wars, and in her speech she embraced and expressed gratitude for her past that allowed her to achieve her goals.

“21 years ago, I graduated from here (Steamboat Mountain School), and this school has the compassion and ability not to judge but to look upon everyone with kindness and acceptance.”

As a young woman unsure of her future as a student or her trajectory through a career, Lucas sought out a school that would accept her strengths and also offer her opportunities for adventure. For her, Steamboat Mountain School was a place that gave her balance. In a time when Lucas was feeling anxious and not seen, she found a community that offered both rigorous college-prep academics AND outdoor exploration. Although Lucas opted for culinary school instead of a traditional 4-year college, she felt, having graduated from Steamboat Mountain School, she’d gained a few takeaways.

Show up early always
Stay late always
Sit in the front row
Raise your hand

While these skills did not come naturally, she practiced them, and beyond high school graduation, she turned a passion into a career. We love these other bits of advice she offered to the Class of 2019.

Be hungry and passionate about the life you want.

Give everything your all no matter big or small.

When you don’t know what to do …. stay in action.

Wherever you go you take yourself with you, so take responsibility for your actions – good and bad.

Go with life.

Ultimately, our respect for Lucas and her pathway to success is boundless. She embodies the spirit of adventure and independence that Lowell Whiteman planned for our student body and we hope that the Class of 2019 takes these lessons with them.

Thank you, Waylynn, for sharing your experience with us and for imparting an honest approach to life to our seniors.