Off Grid in Tsachila

Global Immersion Studies is always best expressed by our students who are experiencing the culture with fresh eyes. Here are excerpts from four freshmen in the Ecuador group journal. They spent four days in the remote community of Tsachila located near the base of the Andes Mountains.

April 11th
Today we traveled from our hotel in Quito to the Tsachila community. We took a long, nearly 4-hour drive from a city-like area to a beautiful rural community. The houses are hand-crafted from straw and bamboo. There is a cute little overhang outside our rooms filled with hammocks in a row.
-Annika ’22

April 12th
Hi Mother, it’s Catcher. I knew you wanted me to call you out and say I love you, but what I have to say is, I’m having the time of my life! The Tsachila community is most definitely a culture shock. The people are really nice. The food is traditional but also non-traditional.
-Catcher ’22

April 13th
Food as reported by Carly ’22
Breakfast: Toast + eggs.
Lunch: Fish wrapped in bamboo leaves, plantains, rice, salad, beans
Dinner: Eggs, rice, beans

April 14th
Today we left the Tsachila community and headed for Mindo. We spent the afternoon tubing. Tubing was a lot of fun, but the water was really cold. When we got back from tubing, everyone had about 3-hours of free time to explore the town. In that time I learned a lot about Mindo. Mindo is a tourist town; by that I mean that a lot of people could speak and understand English. Also, there is a lot of American food and dogs.
-Ryker ‘22

Stay tuned for more stories from our students abroad.