Steamboat Mountain School Desert Week Adventures!

We do a lot of planning before we embark on an adventure. Whether a 3-day, 14er trek, or 30-days in a foreign country, travelling in a group requires attention to detail. Food, transportation, campsites, clothing, technical gear, permits, risk analysis, maps, weather forecast, safety equipment all have to be carefully considered before beginning the adventure. However, no matter the amount of planning, the best preparation for any trip is having the skill of adaptability. As our students and faculty entered the desert they were greeted by rain… three days of rain. This hiccup was just that, a hiccup which we met and moved on from. We are adaptable by nature, the rain, while inhibiting us from our intended routes, encouraged our creative energies. Climbs turned to hikes, rappels turned to scrambles, and bike days to scouting missions for future lines. Fortunately, we did wake for a few days of sun over the land and were able to accomplish our goals of biking, canyoning, canoeing, and climbing.