GIS Blog 2019- Touchdown!

We can almost hear the yawns of our weary traveling students turn to laughter and cheers as they reach their destinations around the globe. Margi, trip faculty on the Tanzania trip, passed along a few images which she titled, “Various States of Consciousness.” We can only imagine their exhaustion after almost 48-hours of flight hopping from Denver, Colorado to Mwanza, Tanzania. After reading about the people and the culture from a far, the students have now left the comforts of home to immerse themselves fully in the daily experiences of life in new communities. In addition to the seniors, Margi, and Mr. Smith arriving in Tanzania, we have also heard that our two other trips have landed, and students have begun to share their initial reactions. Will ‘22 is in Ecuador and  described in their trip’s journal the overwhelming smells of the meat cooking at street vendor stalls and the pace at which the locals are speaking in Spanish. The Ecuador trip’s first stop was salsa class. Will continues in the journal, “We had to go repeat the fundamentals over and over… the 7-count step with a 1-count pause and then we learned different styles to go along with these fundamentals.”  Lots to take in and learn on day 1; however, salsa is a significant part of the Ecuadorian culture, and the faculty thought it a great way to ease the students into their home for the month. Spain and Morocco students landed early Monday morning, and after settling in and taking a quick power nap are out exploring. Day 1 of GIS can be full of excitement- new foods, sounds, smells, views, and friends. We are looking forward to the stories to come of these adventures.