Journey to the Summits: 14er Weekend

“All I want is a burger right now” could be heard echoing through the Rocky Mountains this past week as our students, faculty, and staff took to the peaks in search of outdoor adventure and high-altitude laughter. It does not take long for the comforts of home and the indoors to seem like distant memories. As the sun sets on the first night and the fresh, crisp, thin air fills our lungs we exhale the comforts of fluffy pillows, cheeseburgers, Snapchat, ice cream desserts, and cars (which would get us up mountains much faster than legs). These material things we believe we need we leave behind for 3-whole-days. We give ourselves to the elements and surge upward on a bit of breakfast and a lot of adrenaline. As a school we summited 8 of Colorado’s 14,000ft peaks and we summited the barriers that grow when we are apart from each other. We learn that overcoming our differences through outdoor exploration allows us to fully open up to the learning and growing of our 2018-2019 school year. Here is our journey.
“By increasing one’s awareness we learn to appreciate the smaller things in life, we see what otherwise would be beneath us. At times I struggle to be grateful, but I remind myself of all the things that I have to be grateful for: good weather, good food, and good friends, my health.” -Andrew, ’20 during a moment of reflection after climbing Mt. Massive