2018 Skier Presentations

Steamboat Mountain School Ski/Ride students reflect about their seasons.
Hannah Soria, ’19

The Boring Drive to Lutsen

The road to lake-infested lands bore the bulk compared to the familiarity of rocky territory. Driving hours upon hours. Cows, beans, and silos. Fields, grass, and flats. Restless hours upon hours. The view may be unvaried but my anticipation grew deafening. The slopes slipped and slithered slightly and ended swiftly. Dull. Lifeless. Tedious. A trip tried two or three times by the community of FIS. A region referred to as repeatedly unremarkable. The dreaded midwest, but for me a sense of nostalgia. Overwhelming life held within little lame loops. Stiff snow lays as a reminder of the harshness of the elements found to the east. For many of the aspiring athletes the regions to the east sum up to an uneventful and less than memorable exploration- other than the cold, which seems to linger the longest. For me, this rough region is a reminder. A reminder of what I have come from, and the small steps and momentous mountains I have climbed to rediscover myself in Rocky. All of my precious practice under lights. Lapping like a dog chasing his tailing, yet never catching it. Kombi courses creeping back and forth across narrow barren bowls. Inspecting courses under the lights because the region reigns so North, the dark lingers longer. The midwest presents itself as a meager excuse for ski racing to the outside eye but for me it feels like driving on a road so familiar you could do it with your eyes closed, walking through doors that encompass your home, and getting off the chairlift like you had, hundreds of times, as a young hopeful.