Global Immersion Studies Groups Have Arrived!

We are happy to report that all three Global Immersion Studies groups have arrived safely and the adventures have begun! Here is an update from each of the groups.

Leader Nikki wrote to say, “Kids are all happy and healthy.  All the students report that they’ve been well fed/cared for by their home stay families and we’ve been happy with their engagement in activities today – a visit to Laguna Cuicocha, one of the largest markets in South America. Tomorrow we head out on our bike near Cotopaxi.​ We are looking forward to getting our bodies moving!”

The tired and excited group has landed safely in Athens, where they were greeted by Antoine and his mom with a much-needed bag of Greek goodies (baklava, fruit, cake, bread, and ahm). This will make the 5 hour train ride to the Meteora region much nicer. We haven’t received photos yet, but the gorgeous Meteora region, land of ancient monasteries and Greek Orthodox tradition.

After a long, smooth flight, the Mongolia group arrived in UlanBatar and met up with Badnaa, their guide who has worked with Steamboat Mountain School on 3 previous trips. She reports, “It is a long journey to Mongolia and trying to adjust on the first day can be a bit brutal. We “force” the kids to stay awake on day 1 until at least 5:00 p.m., and traditionally climb a small monument called Mt. Zaisan—a memorial to honor lost soldiers. It gets the blood flowing, allows the group to see the region, and they get a feel for the long history of the Mongols. They will have an early dinner and get to bed between 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. Mongolia time. They will feel a lot better tomorrow and be a bit more ready for activity and the adventures that lie ahead.”