Intersession Updates and More from Ecuador and Greece . . .

Intersession, Ecuador, Photos from Greece . . .

Eric ’17 and Jazzy ’17, Intersession in Steamboat , 4/14/2015
Sweden comes to Steamboat!

Sunday started out for Jazzy and me with a fresh layer of snow on the ground. We bundled up and walked over to a cabin on campus to cook and eat. Coming from a sleek modern white apartment in the city of Stockholm to cook and eat in an old wooden house with a wood stove was a big cultural shock by itself. Plans for fly-fishing were postponed, and hot cocoa was poured.

After waking up a bit more, we started our morning with a math problem: we were planning to cook a family recipe — Swedish pancakes. However, the recipe needed to be converted from metric to US standard units of measure before anything else could happen. This process reinforced that the metric system is more logical. Once the ratios were set, the mixing and cooking began. The pancakes turned out beautifully — enough so to make a mother back home in Sweden very proud. They are crepe-like, and we filled them with fruit and jam. American and Swedish food traditions came together with the addition of bacon rolled up in the pancakes.

A Sunday in Steamboat would not be complete without a coffee run to Starbucks before powering through an afternoon of chemistry homework.

Strider ’16, Ecuador, 4/15/2015
This trip has gone by both quickly and almost in slow motion. All of us feel as if yesterday we were waiting for our flight out of DIA, and yet we seem to remember every little detail about what we’ve done since then. Today marked 10 days away from home, and we have seen a substantial portion of the country, and gone everywhere between 14,000 and 1,500 feet in elevation!

This morning, we arose about the same time as usual, and had breakfast hastily before heading out for another biking excursion. The trailhead gave us the option of biking up a 2 kilometer stretch of entirely uphill trail first, or starting our descent into the valley immediately. Being the excited and hyperactive bunch that we are, we opted to start with the uphill, and check out the view from the top of the mountain towering above us. When we arrived, we were in the middle of a cloud and couldn’t really see much, but the excruciating climb made the downhill ride even more rewarding! We ended our day with a long drive back to Quito through heavy rain and traffic, which made for a perfect and much needed rest period. We are all looking forward to more biking tomorrow, and commencing our eight days of service with the Tsachilla community. I can’t wait to spend a week in a remote part of the Cloud Forest, but we won’t have any way to keep you all updated on how it’s going until we get back to modern civilization until the 24th at earliest when we arrive at Cerro Secco Nature Reserve, but we can’t be certain, and may not be able to give another update until the 29th! Don’t worry about us though, we will most definitely be enjoying the adventures that lie ahead!

Greece, 4/15/2015
Check out the views from the Greece group’s camp site! And Max (’18), we love how you are showing your CO pride!