Kayaking in Greece & Teaching in Mongolia . . .

Noah ’16, Mongolia, 4/23/2015
We started the day bright and early with a sickeningly large breakfast. After breakfast, we walked to a school where Callahan and I taught English to a group of high school students. Their eagerness to learn English from us was overwhelming, and we were happy to make their days as well as ours by giving them a short lesson. This was followed by a quick lunch and then an incredible show put on by some of the students in which they showed off traditional dances and other musical talents. We were then able to choose to learn a traditional Mongolian instrument or dance. Callahan is incredible at dancing.

Next was a sports competition in which the Mongolians were pitched against the Americans in a ruthless athletics tournament. We lost horrendously in volleyball but made up for it with our basketball skills. After a quick shower back at the hotel, we returned to the school to sit down and talk with some students about what school is like in America since many of then want to study there for university. It felt good to provide them with some perspective as to what our lives our like in Steamboat after seeing how they all live here in Mongolia. They set very ambitious goals for themselves, such as to study at Harvard and Stanford, but we wished them all good luck In their future endeavors as the group headed off to dinner. We called it an early night to rest up for the conservation work we’re gearing up for tomorrow. Should be a good day!

The Greece group has been Kayaking around the island of Alonissos, studying Marine Biology, navigation, and learning kayaking skills. They traveled about 18k on day 1!