Greece Group Explores the Navel of the Earth and Ecuador Group Heads to Cerro Seco . . .

The Freshmen and Sophomores traveling in Greece are exploring Delphi, considered by the ancient Greeks to be the Center of the Earth. We received the following word from their guide:

From speaking with Brady, Claire, and the students they have all had a great time. They were surprised by the hard work and the continuous learning that took place, but there was plenty of time for fun.
From Neil and Chris, the guides, they too have completely enjoyed the company of the students, who represented themselves and the school impeccably. . . After working with your group,the commitment to work with young people has been confirmed. They were engaged and lively, willing to learn, and so excited and eager. What a joy you must have working with them. Thanks for letting us be a part of their experience.
Yammas (cheers)

Thank you for representing Steamboat Mountain School so well!
The Ecuador group has checked in . . .
They are leaving the Tsacila tribe and are heading for the Cerro Seco Nature Reserve. This rare tropical dry forest will be the fifth microclimate the group has experienced. We haven’t received any recent photos, but here is one from earlier in their trip: